About the Movement


Keep Our Kids Drug Free, a nonprofit advocacy organization, exists to to address the growing substance abuse issue plauging our nation. Through increased penatlies for offenders who knowingly sell drugs, alcohol or tobacco to children, we can safeguard our youth against the threat of addiction.

Our vision is that every child has the ability to succeed and thrive in a drug-free environment.



Keeping Our Kids Drug Free through Increased Penalties for Offeders Who Knowingly Sell Drugs, Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco or Vape to Children.


The evidence is clear: Increasing the average age of first use can significantly reduce lifetime addictions.

Our goal is to raise the age of first use by:


  • Standardizing the age for legal use to the same as alcohol – age 21 – for tobacco, vape, and where already legal, marijuana.

  • Increasing criminal felony penalties of any adult who knowingly sells or distributes drugs, alcohol, tobacco or vape to any individual under the age of 21.

  • Creating a surcharge on civil and criminal penalties to fund voluntary youth treatment.